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Keep yourself informed about our Emergency Hydraulics products


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Keep yourself informed about our Emergency Hydraulics products


Keeping industry safe


Keep yourself informed about our Emergency Hydraulics products


Active safety systems are widely used in industrial environments to mitigate damage and counter the effects of accidents should they occur. Under normal operating conditions these systems are usually inactive but, more than any other system, they require guaranteed, continuous availability under the most arduous of environmental conditions. Many of these systems require hydraulics to function and, as they are safety critical, these systems must not fail!

Manuli Hydraulics offers a dedicated range of emergency hydraulics hoses and fittings designed specifically for these incredibly demanding and vital systems. Our emergency hydraulics product range is tested and certified according to API 16D specifications, widely regarded as the toughest fire resistance test in the hydraulics industry.

Some industries which use emergency hydraulic systems are:

Drilling - Used in Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) systems.
Mining - Used in general safety systems and areas at risk of fire.
Steel Mills - Used in foundaries, forging shops and other areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.
Off-Shore and Refineries - Used in critical plant control systems.
Marine - Used in engine compartment hydraulics, tanker pump rooms and other high temperature or fire-risk areas in naval applications.
Defence - Used in strategic hydraulic services.









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