Solutions that fulfill your needs…

A range of machines designed to facilitate your hose assembly operations


Starter Workshops

Ideal for workshops servicing agricultural, light construction, public works, forestry, transport and industrial equipment. Economical, easy to use and with a capacity of 1 1/4″, this equipment meets your daily demands. These machines allow you to be reactive and autonomous with your customer’s needs.

Professional Workshops 

Dedicated to maintenance specialists, dealers and small OEM’s serving industry, public works, trucks, lifting, construction and agriculture. Its capacity to 2’’ 4SP allows you to answer many requests and ensures high production autonomy. The quality of the hose assemblies will reinforce your image and your reputation toward a large panel of customers. This investment brings sustainability and profitability to your business.


Power, robustness and reliability make it the best package recognized by maintenance specialists in heavy equipment, repair stores and medium OEM. Its capacity of 2’’ 6SP and 4” on industrial hoses is ideal for companies working in maintenance for mining, drilling, ports, steel mills, petrochemical and public works.


TECHMAFLEX, redefining the expectations of the hydraulic industry


Techmaflex continues to innovate in order to serve the hydraulic market with reliable hardworking equipment and unbeatable service.

We work with our customers to define the best hose assembly equipment for their needs. 


Field Service & Mobile Workshop 12V/24V

A compact and robust line up to 2’’, perfect for on-site repair. The hand crimper, H Crimp80 (PM 18), offers accessibility to all sites. A complete 12V line which delivers hose assemblies of a quality equal to that obtained in a workshop.

Container Line 

The performance of our machines in mining, steel mills, drilling and public works gathered in a container. The capacities of this package will guarantee autonomy in the most remote places. The smoke suction integrated to the cutting machine creates a clean and safe working environment.

Expert Service Line 

The result of our collaboration with OEM assemblers and hose manufacturers, our expert workshop combines power, reliability, speed and comfort. Techmaflex is now the most innovative manufacturer in machines dedicated to OEM, for instance SCS which guarantees a constant control of hose assemblies.

XXL Workshop 

A workshop developed on a complete range of Industrial crimpers combining power, ergonomics and solutions for handling large diameters, increasing your potential for opportunities.
It allows you to prospect various markets and thus amortize your investment quickly. Our knowledge of numerous industries leads us to offer ergonomic solutions adapted to the handling of large diameters.


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