Manufacturing and export of hose assembly machines.


We have manufactured machines dedicated to hydraulic hose assembly since 1987. Thanks to our client first approach and dedicated engineering, we are a European market leader in hose assembly technology.

Being part of a large hose and fitting manufacturer gives us unparalleled insight and expertise into hose assembly (such as hydraulic and industrial hoses and hoses for the automotive industry, construction, mines...).

From occasional assembler to OEM production, we can offer you a wide range of products to match all your needs.

Our dedication to innovation and quality has ensured our customers with the best solution for hose assembly.  Techmaflex offers assembly solutions for hydraulic, automotive, industrial and tube markets.

The assembly moves with us


Since 1987, our R&D policies, led by an experienced engineering team allow Techmaflex to innovate for reliability, efficiency and robustness while maintaining the high quality of our machines. With our knowledge and expertise, Techmaflex can offer you a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

New Development

Being part of a large industrial group contributes to our quality, innovation and growth.  This relationship is also a key to Techmaflex understanding of best practices for hose assembly.  This relationship has helped to bring key innovations to supply the best hose assembly equipment.

Presence on the 5 continents

We guarantee you a follow up through our worldwide distribution network which will help you choosing your machine and assist you in its maintenance.  Globe-Internet.png

Our Multilanguage sales department is at your service every day. Contact us on +33 (0)2 40 03 05 01 or on info@techmaflex.com

Quality : heart of our business

We have been certified ISO9001 for more than 15 years. It is for you the guaranty of a highly efficient process and rigorous controls at every single production step. In conformity with CE standards, our products assure you quality, innovation and security.


A service politic

Training and technical documentation

Either on-site at our customer or at one of our Global locations, we provide our customer with the training and the documentation needed to make the most efficient and safe use of Techmaflex machines. Whether a standard program, or customized for each customer, we will support you with the training you require.

Maintenance and assistance

For uninterrupted use of our machines, we have a stock of parts for quick shipment, as well as support our customers with service contracts. Should you have maintenance or service questions visit our website for contact information of the closest service center or contact us on +33 (0)2 40 03 00 09